1. My most precious Internet Filter,

    Won’t you let me in?  Break down your wall, dear Filter.  I have so much knowledge to share, but you label me “computer file hosting” and shun me from your sight.  How will you learn etymology without me, Filter?  Dearest, do not condemn yourself to forever fail the English portion of the SAT.  Open up to me.

    Patiently yours,


  2. Adobe Premier,
    Why do you reject me so?
    I thought we were friends.

    —4th desktop from the left
    Back wall, LitMus room


  3. Dearest Battery,

    It has been nigh on five months now since our parting, and each day weighs on me heavier than the last.  Please return with all expediency or my heart will soon burst.

    Passionately, steadfastly, and eternally yours,

  4. Predictable show of a weird perm and too-long hair, Neeninstein.  Also highlights?  At least you are handsome.

  5. A rare show of good taste, Mr. Matsumoto.


  7. What’s Up With Citing Quotations?



    • Information and text samples source: Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
    • The above is known as MLA (Modern Language Association) style, which your teacher will most likely endorse.

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  8. Best moment of the episode.

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  9. treesspeakinlatin:

    “If you government shuts down the internet, keep calm and shut down your government.”

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